National Talent search Scheme is a flagship activity of the NCERT started in the year 1963. The purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students and nurture their talent. Talent refers to the potentiality that manifests itself in a high level of performance in one or more specialized areas. The scheme, therefore, covers areas like Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law. It honors and helps talented students by providing financial assistance in the form of a monthly scholarship. For the courses in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Commerce, this assistance is provided up to Ph.Dlevel.For professional courses like Engineering, Medicine and Law this assistance given only up to Post Graduation level.
The NCERT conducts the National Talent Search Examination for students studying in Class X only.


Scholarships : On the basis of the examination conducted, 1000 scholarship is awarded for each group of students appearing for Class X examinations.

Value of Scholarship : The amount of scholarship will be Rs.500/-per month as per NTS rules.

Reservation : 15% scholarship will be reserved for students belonging to the SC category, 7.5% scholarship for students belonging to the ST category and 3% for Physically Challenged Group of Students.

Selection Process

Selection Process: There will be two-stage selection process for award of scholarship. For Stage-I, selection will be States/UTs through a written examination. Students who quality Stage I will be eligible to appear for Stage II examination conducted by NCERT. The States/UTs will also conduct the selection test for National Means-cum-Merit scholarship Scheme along with the Stage-I written examination for NTS.


Eligibility : Students of Class X studying in recognized school are eligible to appear for the respective Class X Stage I examination conducted by the States/UTs in which the school are located. There will be no domicile restriction.

Examination : The pattern of written examination for Class X will be as follows: Stage I examination at the State/UT level will comprise.

  • (a) Mental Ability Test (MAT)
  • (b) scholastic Ability Test (SAT) covering Social Sciences, Sciences and Mathematics.

Other Details

State Quotas : Each state/Union Territory has been allotted a quota to recommend a specific number of candidates for the Stage II examination, the details of which will be made available on NCRT website. However, there will be no State/Union Territory Quota for the final award of scholarship after the Stage II examination.

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